Friday, September 14, 2007

Atheist Blogroll

Statistics on the number of self described atheists range from 5-15% in America, around 18% in Europe with as high as 30% of the entire world describing themselves as having no religion. This equates to aproximately 1.8 billion residents of Earth who are atheist, agnostic or otherwise not religious.

Until there is a substantial number who come forward and openly endorse their convictions, the non-believers will be cast aside to the fringes, marginalized in the game of life. I know asking free thinkers to get behind a single cause is a daunting proposition, but to effect large scale change a large voice is needed.

The Atheist Blogroll is a netroots effort to bring together like minded individuals and groups in the Atheist, Agnostic and non religious communities. I am proud to be a new member and would like to thank Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for welcoming me to the roll call.

Flex Your Head is not an Atheist blog per se, but I feel many of the societal ills of this world stem directly from religion and more specifically religious fanatics and it is a topic I touch on regularly. I find skepticism healthy for progress in understanding and evolving the human condition. Blind faith equates to being just that, blind.

If you, like I, are tired of being marginalized by those whose place faith above all else, I urge you to come out from the shadows, make your stance known and stand up for your right as a human to think, speak and act in a critical manor when things don't seem to add up. Remember, if some one tells you not to question, they have something to hide and that the pursuit of answers is what life is all about.


Teague said...

Kind of like herding cats...

Byshop said...

Herding cats is easy once you get a CATtle prod.

buh dum bump tch!

tina said...

Well, welcome to the blogroll. I know, I'm a little late on the congratulations. :)