Monday, September 17, 2007

Can we make that a class action suit?

I thought this was a joke.

So I used the Google to look up Ernie Chambers to see what he was all about, interesting fellow. He was involved in something that reminded me of someone I knew way back in the day.

I had heard of the Franklin cover up not by name, but in the ramblings of a tweaker who was convinced that the world economy was run not by oil, but by kiddie porn and she used this as one of the examples. A sweet, odd lady, no doubt at least a little crazy, not that we all aren't, but she was more adamant than open minded in her conspiracy theory. She would told stories about hearing from a friend, who heard from a friend, who heard from an insider about wild sex party's in secret rooms in D.C.. She described the debauchery in great detail, Rude Pundit style. Romanesque orgies involving young children and old men. Things that I have only heard just before a comedian says "and they call it the aristocrats!".

I consider myself to be open minded to just about anything, as long as there are supporting facts. I don't know near enough of this man, or this case to form an opinion on the matter. I will say that trusting the wolves to investigate the hen house robbery is foolish at best, especially when the wolves have a tuft of down exposed at the jowls. There are many, many things kept from the public by those in power under the guise of the publics own good. The slipshod investigations into JFK, 9/11 etc. leave little in the way of credibility and fuel those who actually think, to do so. For those in power postions their illusion of superiority is all they have, and they cling to it fiercely.

Given the spate of attention shed in the last few decade's on the sexual proclivities of those held to the higher standard of public trust, it is not an impossible leap to get to these allegations. The only thing new about the behavior is the attention it's being given, the dark side of human sexuality is well documented through the history of man. The uncomfortable nature of said behavior is what causes it to be pushed out of societal eyesight into the bathroom stalls of life, at the same time driving the shock when exposed to the light of day.

In all honesty I have no idea if the Franklin incident occurred, but I would not be shocked if it did. Sexual urges are the strongest psychological force known in nature and the complexity that is human consciousness lends to the wide ranging and varied methods of gratification. Horrible sexual atrocities (which I measure by the suffering of one party) are an everyday occurrence in the shadows of humanity of which anyone could be involved.

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